According to Instagram and Pinterest, Australia appears to have more designers and producers per capita than any other country. New stores and hotels have increased in and around Australia. The furniture market is expected to bring in AU$5.92B in sales by 2022.

However, being cooped up indoors for so long due to the pandemic has allowed people to rethink their accommodations and make them more adaptable. Whether furnishing a new study or updating the family room, your home decor says a lot about who you are and how you live. Home decor in Australia provides more than just visual appeal to a space. It also enhances and finalises it. This post has some home decoration suggestions for you to try, and the greatest part is that they may be applied to any house.

Articulate Your Taste

Determine your preferred style before shopping for decorative accents. Find out more about various design styles and settle on one you like. Think about the colours you want to utilise and the different textures you want to incorporate, such as wool pillows and wicker furniture.

Arrange the Furniture and Accessories in Layers

Layering is a design technique used by interior decorators to give space depth and dimension. The layering process can be visualised by thinking of how a cake is assembled. First, set the stage by arranging the room’s focal point(s), and then, using colour and texture as your guide, fill in the space around it. Decorative accents are a great way to give a room some more panache.

Make Small Rooms Look and Feel Bigger

Having tables made of glass or mirrors can help make a smaller room more open. Choose a bed with no legs or one that sits low to the ground to create the illusion of a loftier ceiling. Beds with very tall legs can effectively divide a room in two. A dark hue on an accent wall can have a receding effect on the overall home decor in Australia. It helps in creating the illusion of more depth and making even a studio apartment seem roomier.

Lighten the Mood

Lighten up dark rooms by installing proper lighting. Elegant pendant lights may completely alter the feel of a kitchen, while strategically positioned floor lamps can completely change the atmosphere of a living room. Light up dark nooks with little table lamps and highlight a prized piece of artwork with track lighting. Light up a doorway or a bedroom canopy, and decorate a mantel with seasonal greenery and fake candles. You can alter the ambience of a room with the flip of a switch by adjusting the lighting.

Make Use of Reflective Surfaces

Adding mirrors to the walls is a smart move when choosing home decor in Australia. Because of their ability to multiply available light, mirrors are frequently used to enlarge a room visually. If you want to make your bathroom or dining area more spacious, hang a mirror opposite a window. Ceilings might appear higher when tall mirrors are used, and they can also help shed light on otherwise dark corners of a room.

Create a Gallery Wall

Even if there isn’t much room, you may add depth and intrigue by hanging up your artwork, such as photographs, paintings, puzzles, and the like. A gallery wall is a great way to add personality and colour to your home while keeping clutter at bay.

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