How can I download Bhai Khata’s book program for my PC

How can download Bhai Khata’s book program for my PC Download HTML0 Khata Book on pc: Khata Book – This book is used to track transactions in the Ledger Account. Users must be able spend hours recording and tallying transactions with conventional bahi Khata. More than 20 million people use it around the world. This ledger book allows us to manage our shop and business easily. Khata book. Shop owners use it to find Khata books.

How can I download Bhai Khata’s book program for my PC

KhataBook allows shopkeepers to save money with an electronic ledger.

Online transactions are far better than offline transactions. It also saves time. All types of business can use the ledger books’ many features.

Login to Bhai Khata’s Book

  • Visit the Bhai Khata official website or download the app to khata books
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and click on the Login button.

Features of Bhai Khata Book

Khata Book has many advantages. It’s completely free. This application is safe and secure. The free SMS will notify your customers whenever you make a transaction.

Backups will be done automatically online and are safe. You can also set up a personal account or a Khata for clients and friends to manage Udhar/len/daen funds.

WhatsApp can be used to send reminders to customers for payment. Multiple stores can be run with the same app. We will also be able to use the same Bai Khata book across multiple phones.

To manage the Khata you will need a PDF of customer reports. We can also determine the due date for payment on behalf of the customer. An app lock can be used to lock your account book. App Lock.

Bhai Khata Apps Additional Information

App Version 3.10.04
Size 13M
Category Finance & Business App
Downloads 5,000,000+
Developer Vaibhav Kalpe
Get it now Google Play

Khata Book – Udhar Bahi Khata, Ledger Account Book apk

These capabilities are not the only ones you have. You may also be able to add a Khata customer. Khata book. You can also edit customer details and include transactions made by clients. You can edit your Kitab application’s old transactions using this Khata book.

The Khata application allows us to quickly and easily notify clients about pending payments. WhatsApp allows us to use the WhatsApp app to remind clients of the payment. This increases the amount you can recover.

You can easily restore or back up information from your Khata Books account. It is simple to use and will allow you to manage Udhar Khata. Keep the Hisab Kitab app in your pocket, so you can add Udhar Jama at any time.

The digital ledger book is completely free to download and use. It is a 100% accurate and reliable book. A company from India developed the digital Khata book, which serves as a countdown for the mobile app.

The reminder feature allows you to add 3x to your credit. This application now offers a reminder feature for payments. After each transaction, this feature will automatically send a SMS to remind customers. Each transaction can be tracked against each customer.

Customers receive their money fast with this feature. This allows the business to be more transparent. Bahi Khatas usually take up a lot of space. You can transfer, control and manage all of your personal and business transactions with this Khata book using your smartphone.

The Advantages of Bhai Khata App for pc

Access to your documents is simple from any place and at any time. Regular reports are derived from the Khata Book, which will help you understand and make better business decisions.

Download Khata Book This Bhai Khata Book is produced by Indians and can be downloaded in 11 languages across the United States. All transactions will be immediately restored, so it is no problem if your phone is lost.

It is the most popular app in the world according to most blogs and magazines. Khata book – Digital India Ka Digital Khata Buch is the best app for businesses.

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