procreate:- Every now and then, huge technological advancements will change the way we deal with our personal or professional lives. For drawing, sketching, sketching, or creating visual arts, the procreate application on the iPod has become such a game. 

Procreate® – The most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad.

Draw on pen, pencil, and paper.  If you haven’t learned it in-depth, procreate  looks scary, but the most kept secret of the app is how easy it is to get started. To help you find a way out, we have compiled all the information you need to know how to paint with Procreate. 

The procreate  updated with good performance and available layers.

We will introduce the hardware required to get started, the basic functions of the application, how professional artists can use the application, procreate hardware guide required to get started, and tips and tricks to help you use the special features of the application. program. Do art.

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What is the Procreate application?

Savage Interactive Digital Art App-I have been using procreate on my iPad for more than a year. Changing physical media, such as Apple Pencil and watercolor, oil paint, acrylic resin, or simply sketching with pen or pencil is a huge change, but Procreate has turned me into digital art.

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The download cost of the digital illustration app is US$10 (£10, AU$15) (no in-app purchases), and it is worth the money due to its huge art tools and creative features. Whether you are a design professional, an experienced digital artist or a beginner in the field of digital drawing, it can provide the experience that Procreate & Gamble can get. One question: This application is only available for iPadOS and iOS.

A brief introduction about procreating  applications. 

procreate is an award-winning illustration, drawing, and painting application designed specifically for the iPad. So cage Interactive, a technology startup based in Tasmania, Australia, discovered procreate

This remote location company helped designers think outside the box because they found a way to bring the power of desktop creative tools into the hands of visual artists, actually through the iPad and Apple Pencil. 

Introduction - Procreate® Handbook

For many illustrators, designers, and artists who rely on procreate , the app’s response, especially when used with Apple Pencil, is very similar to creating art on paper. This natural feel, combined with the various Pro Brush brushes (plus the ability to customize and add), sets the standard for application compatibility even among experienced art and commercial artists. 

Many people are ready to go beyond the old-fashioned analog art tools built into a desktop computer or digital drawing tablets, all of which support the convenience, flexibility, portability, and inspiration for newbies offering procreate for iPad.

The benefits of using Procreate

 procreate allows you to easily manage your work in a gallery format familiar to Photoshop users; import files from other devices and locations; use gestures to zoom in and out of your work and undo changes in your work. You can also composite and layer layers professionally, and usually create and develop your work at a speed that suits your needs. 

The most important thing for the most experienced professionals is that procreate can be easily integrated with existing workflows-you can switch between other applications and platforms according to your favorite technology, customer, or specific project needs. 

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Other professional digital art applications are also available, but none of them currently can match procreate powerful functions, flexibility, and complete set of functions and features. One of the biggest incentives is the huge library of 150 brushes. 

The range of brushes available in the app is perfect for any creation you remember. You can stick to basic sketches, ink, sketches, and paintings, or you can explore airbrushes, calligraphy, charcoal, and spray paint. Under each type of brush, you will find six or more options. 

For example, if you choose to paint, you can choose from seven different pencils and three different soft textures. procreate Go one step further by pressing the brush again and further customizing the tool’s function. I also like to use the layering function of the application when drawing. This will make future editing easier. 

You must remember to tear your work to pieces. You can find additional lighting and color editing functions for each layer. Press the small “N” next to the checkmark to select the layer.

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To stay organized, or if you want an extra level of security for the artistic part, you can combine layers into groups. Click on the layer, you can choose to merge down or merge down. Merge down to make two layers into one layer, for example, if you have a letter lock to protect the edges of the lines in one layer, it will be disabled. 

Merge down to form a new group, but keep the procreate of each layer active.  procreating also makes it easier to learn new skills by minimizing the technical aspects of digital art. When I opened the procreate application for the first time, I saw that it had animation functions, but soon I wrote them too complicated for a beginner like me. 

But with a few taps on the app, I was able to create a basic animation that bounced off the screen. Although it is only two and a half seconds, I am very proud of it.

The features of the procreate application 

Create a gallery view. 

Create a gallery view The gallery view is the first thing you see when you open it. Here you can browse and open all your works, and you can also post new works. Touch the plus sign to start a new file. You will see different types of canvas size templates, and you can easily create your own templates. When I work on procreating.  I like to use high-resolution canvases. This gives me the option to print my work later, and most of the brushes I use are optimized for high-resolution canvases. 

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The gallery view is the first thing you see when you open it. Here you can browse and open all your works, and you can also post new works. Touch the plus sign to start a new file. You will see different types of canvas size templates, and you can easily create your own templates. When I work on procreating.  I like to use high-resolution canvases. This gives me the option to print my work later, and most of the brushes I use are optimized for high-resolution canvases.

Creating the brush 

The first task we made was to check the brush. Click the paintbrush in the upper right corner to access the paintbrush panel. Procreate comes pre-installed with brushes covering various media and styles, but the real magic of Procreate is that you can install or create your own custom brushes. If you click on the brush, you will see that there are dozens of settings to change the shape and shape of each brush. You do not need to understand these settings at this time, but please note that they exist. 

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Press the arrow to exit the brush settings here. In my list of brushes, all the brushes I created are arranged in sets. First, use different brushes for the game. procreate Each brush has a different function, so try different pressure levels, stroke speeds, and curvature of the Apple Pencil to see what different effects each brush has. The slider on the left allows you to control the size and opacity of the brush.

Create undo

Arzer tools that can pinch and zoom or shrink and rotate the canvas. Pinch quickly to return to the canvas and fill the screen. procreate  If you want to undo it, tap anywhere on the canvas with two fingers. Press and hold with two fingers to undo various actions. Press with three fingers to repeat. Press and hold with three fingers to perform multiple repetitions. 60+ Best Procreate Brushes for Illustration (Free & Paid)

Use three fingers to “scrub” the screen and clean everything. Consider the eraser tool. I will draw a part of the screen and select the eraser, it is here. procreate The advantage of this is that you can use any brush as an eraser. Let’s undo that. If I look at my paintbrush, I can see that I am using it. Now, if I hold down the eraser, it will automatically select the brush to use as the eraser. Now I can erase and my eraser marks will match the brush and look flawless.

Using color let’s talk about my favorite thing in the world: 

color! Click the circle in the upper right corner and you will see the color picker. Use the outer ring to choose your color, and use the inner dial to lighten or darken the color saturation. Enhancing colors Let’s add some colors. procreate  You can quickly select a color by touching and holding the screen to enable a dropper. This allows you to easily select the colors already on the canvas.

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 Let’s save these colors we made. Open the color panel and press Palette. Click the plus sign to create a new palette; make sure it is set by default. We have a new blank palette that can be pressed back to complete the recording. procreate Choose yellow. To save the color, touch the square on the color palette. Let’s add all these colors to the palette. You can rearrange the colors. Hold and pull. To delete a color, press and hold and then press Delete.

Create the smudge tool 

This little finger icon is the smudge tool. You can brush strokes and dye, smear, or smooth. The opacity slider controls the intensity of staining. procreate This is very useful for creating smooth color transitions in drawings, etc.

Increase the layer and move to the layer. 

Layers are very powerful, one of the most useful elements in Procreate, and contains a lot of amazing properties. Click the two squares in the upper right corner to open the layer panel. At the bottom is the background color. procreate It is white by default, but you can choose any color for your background by pressing it. Let’s stick to white. Double-click the color wheel next to white to automatically select the pure white value. This double-click function is applied to the nine points of the color wheel and can help you find the ideal color value.

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Quickline & Quickshop is another great feature. 

Didn’t you draw a straight line to save your life Don’t be afraid, Quick line and Quick shop are here Draw a line, but don’t lift your pencil. procreate Look  Perfect lines. You can place another finger on the canvas to make adjustments in 15-degree increments. Click Edit shape at the top to edit it further. You can make ellipses or circles, rectangles and squares, triangles and even strange polygons. Then I will add some texture to those cherries as I did before with Alpha Lock.

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