Are you looking to watch your favorite shows on the popular streaming service, PeacockTV website ? With the help of a Roku device, it’s now easier than ever to access a whole world of entertainment. All you have to do is set up your device and connect it to your PeacockTV account. Read on to learn how you can unlock all that PeacockTV has to offer with just a few simple steps.

Setting Up Your Roku Device

The first step in getting started with PeacockTV on your Roku is to set up and activate your device. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Connect the power cable and HDMI cable from the Roku player to an outlet and TV or monitor, respectively.
  1. Turn on your TV or monitor and select the input for the HDMI connection. You should see the welcome screen for setting up your Roku device appear onscreen.
  1. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully until you’ve completed the setup process completed. When prompted, enter your Wi-Fi information when connecting your Roku device to the internet.
  1. Once you’re connected, your Roku remote will automatically be paired with your device by pressing any button on top of it right away when prompted during setup instructions.
  1. At this point, you’ll be asked to create a new account or sign in using an existing one if there’s an available update for its operating system (OS). It’s always best practice to update as soon as possible so that you can get the most out of all features included in that OS version. (Include link)

Downloading & Activating The Peacock TV App On Your Device

  1. Next, let’s download and activate PeacockTV on our device so we can start streaming:
  1. On your home screen menu bar at the top of the display, scroll left until you find “Streaming Channels”. Select this option with either the arrow key from your remote control or by clicking it with the OK/Select button if using a mobile app remote control along with it (alongside a regular physical remote).
  2. Once selected, search for “Peacock” using any keyword such as “Pea” and then selecting ‘Peacock’ app icon once found right away(Include screenshot link below). This will take us directly onto its dedicated store page where we will find additional details about its content as well as user ratings before downloading & pairing our built-in player application alongside our provided account credentials while logging in further ahead.

4.. After finding it in the store page selection list or when searched beforehand & able easily selectable under the top search bar results –, simply press the DOWNLOAD button followed by the INSTALLATION button after entering the required information within the billing area whenever asked during the actual download & installation process[if free]. This will initiate downloading process until finished automatically followed by the installation itself which takes only a few seconds upon completion -all done inside the store page are easily & quickly before finally heading back into the home menu bar section afterward! [For more info include Kodi](Include link)

5.. Now open the app without any additional downloads or installations just like before completing the preceding steps till reaching the main welcome screen anytime thereafter where the app opens! If paid subscription plan is available then a prompt window regarding the same shows up instantly otherwise move ahead accordingly using valid login credentials into the main interface itself!

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