Top 4 Things to consider before you decide to get Holden Replacement Panels

Top 4 Things to consider before you decide to get Holden Replacement Panels

Holden has been a well-known vehicle brand in Australia since 1856. Their headquarters are in Port Melbourne, Victoria, as the brand was founded in South Australia. It was initially a saddlery manufacturer but shifted to the automotive industry in 1908.

Last year, in 2021, Holden decided to end the production of their cars and parts. But they did say that they will continue to give parts and service products already sold for the next 10 years.

Getting spare parts could seem hard, but don’t worry; there are plenty of holden parts sellers in Australia. The market for retailing motor vehicle parts in Australia is $6 billion. But before you go to a retailer, there are some things to consider.

Listed below is all you need to look up before you buy a Holden car part online.

What to consider before you buy Holden replacement car parts online?

Before you head to get replacement holden car parts online, there are some things to look up. Doing so will ensure your buying process is hassle-free and you get what you need from the right place. Since holden parts are no longer being produced, it is crucial to do a proper background check before buying a replacement part.

So keep reading to know what you must look for before shopping.

Be aware of what you are going to buy

Search for the details of the car parts you plan on buying. To get the right parts, you need to know the exact model of the car you drive and other details like the year of manufacture, model variant, etc.

Another option is to find the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or PR number. They will give you a list of suitable car parts if you enter them on the website you want to buy from.

Make a list with the part numbers

Verifying that you are getting the right parts will help to know the part number. Every car part has its own number/ code. Look at all the parts you need to replace and list their numbers.

If you can’t find the numbers, you could show the parts to a mechanic who can guide you on how to get them. Or they might give you the codes. After that, you can look for the parts online.

Check the costs and compare them with other sites

Even though Holden has retired, they still manufacture the parts. So, the cost of parts should be relatively low. No one should overcharge you for the parts.

While the pricing will vary for different sellers, you can shortlist about two to three based on the service and pricing. Go through all of them before you finalise one.

Check if it is an authorised dealer

It is essential to look up if the seller is an authorised Holden dealer or not. This will be listed on the dealers’ website. Getting your parts from an authorised Holden replacement panels provider will ensure the product is legit and won’t have any problems.

Wrapping Up

It has been sad to see the iconic brand Holden shut down. They had a global presence ever since they began producing and exporting wagons, sedans, Utes and rear-drive.

Before you go ahead and get a Holden replacement panel, research the variations they have. Each panel has a different set of features. So take a look at all of them before you make your decision on which to pick.

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